Easy Draw Animals

In Easy Draw Animals, children age 6-10 can learn how to draw animals that live in the savanna of Africa. Scroll through the savanna and press an animal to get instructions. Take a pencil and draw away. Easy Draw Animals teaches your child the basics of designing an animal. First some lines and end up with a masterpiece.

Practice makes Art

Some of the awesome features included.
Color System

Simpe 3 colors system

Black for already drawn steps,
Red for the current step, and
Gray for the part that need to be erased.

Savanna Scenery

Amazing Savanna

Amazing savanna scenery with
10 awesome animals that will caught
the attention of every child.

Simple UI

Clean User Interface

Easy and simple navigation
for smooth and intuitive experience.
Simply click to load next step.

Explore the awesomeness

Easy Draw Animals is a simple to use app that teaches kids how to draw animals that live in the savanna of Africa. With its simple UI you can easily navigate through the savanna by swiping, and navigate through the drawing steps by clicking on the current step. Also with the 3 color system at any given point you can be aware of what you are drawing and what needs to be erased.



Check out some of the screenshots.

Loved by kids and parents.

Even adults can learn to draw. Never too late.

Take a pencil and draw away.

Download for Android.